30 Day Guarantee

What would you do if your mobile device was stolen?

Unlike other security services that only locate missing computers, Absolute LoJack is dedicated to recovering stolen devices and returning them to their rightful owners.

Absolute LoJack isn't just a box of software; Our one-of-a-kind Investigative Theft Recovery Team consists of former law enforcement whose extensive training in computer forensics and cyber crime will ensure your device gets back into the right hands. You can also avoid identity theft by remotely locking your device so no one can access your data.

With Absolute LoJack, you'll be able to:


Locate your device (laptops, phones, and tablets) using GPS, Wi-Fi or IP geolocation giving you the tools to see the last location in the event that it goes missing.


Device Lock prevents anyone from accessing your personal information on laptops, phones, and tablets. You can also add a customized message to your device lock screen.


Activating the delete feature permanently erases files protecting your personal information and preventing identity theft.


Unlike other tracking software, Absolute LoJack enables the Absolute Investigations team to recover your stolen device.


If your stolen device isn't recovered within 60 days, Absolute LoJack will help to pay for a replacement. Read the Service Guarantee for full details.

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Need to find your laptop or Mac?

Absolute LoJack security software and Theft Recovery Team can track and recover it for you. 30,000 devices in over 100 countries have been returned thanks the software, the team and their relationships with law enforcement world-wide. The Team consists of former FBI, Marines, US Army, Homeland Security and government positions. They are experts on internet investigations, computer forensics, and cyber-crime. Most importantly, the Theft Recovery Team works to get your stolen device back.

Persistent Security Software

The software, once activated, is virtually tamper-proof. It maintains a remote connection regardless of user or location; even hard if the hard drive is replaced, a new OS is installed, or the device is wiped clean to factory settings.

"It took less than sixty days for them to track down my Mac even after the thieves had wiped the hard drive and sold it to someone else. The detective working on the case said that they never would have recovered my computer without Absolute LoJack. - Ashe Oceanside, CA USA"

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Patented Technology

KEEPS YOU PROTECTED. You deserve the strongest protection available, and Absolute LoJack puts our patented persistence technology on your side. Here is how it works:

  1. When you install Absolute LoJack, you're installing the Computrace® Agent that will activate our technology. It is very difficult to detect and is virtually tamper-proof.
  2. The Agent will contact the Absolute Monitoring Center via the internet at regular intervals.
  3. When you send a Lock or Delete command from your account, the next time your computer connects to the internet the Agent will receive and carry out the command.
  4. If your device is stolen, the Theft Recovery Team uses this persistent connection to obtain forensic evidence that will aid local law enforcement in their investigation.

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System Requirements

For Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
Windows 8 RT Not Supported

For Mac OS X 10.6 or higher:

For Android 2.3+:

Our Embedded Technology
Our software refuses to give up easily — even devices with wiped or removed hard drives can be recovered. We partner with most computer makers to embed our software directly inside your computer at the factory. Hundreds of millions of computers have this added layer of protection, see if yours is one of them.